Our story


Company specializes in manufacturing carbon fibre accessories for motorcycles, automotive and nautical industry, with over 20 years of experience in innovations, research and development, as well as technical consulting.

Components are produced with advanced technology based on extensive internal research and development. Our production has been the mastermind in creating several engineering innovations in tool making and carbon methodologies used in production.

The team holds experience in various fields, such as design and manufacturing of sailing class 44 Russel Cutts, where they assisted in the development and manufacturing the of complete vessel. Boats are still the cutting edge quality and design in their class. They also participated in development and manufacturing of carbon wheels for motorcycles, which are the lightest ones amongst the competition. The company is connected with Rotobox and is partial owner.

Our quality is rapid development of new top quality components for the upcoming new models of motorcycles, fast delivery and highest level of customer service.

All products are top quality and designed with the latest technology making us a TOP producer in this category. We strive for detail and innovation in our production everyday investing into the business every year to grow organically.

Our business channels

We are currently mainly supplying parts to local and International dealers. We have a couple of new direct projects, one in France for carbon fibre foils for kiting boards, and one for children’s carbon wagons for the Middle east market.


Semipreg and prepreg

Depending on the final product specification we define the best laying process and thickness. We use preimpregnated fabrics well known as prepregs, which we cure in the oven. We offer also a semi prepreg process as the alternative to prepreg, which is using fabric impregnated from one side by resin foil, then vacuumed and cured in the oven.

This year we are moving to a larger facility in order to fulfil our production process demands. We are switching to an autoclave curing for higher quantities of product production.


We own over 500 of our own mould designs, and produce min from one piece per year to 1.000 pieces per year and more of same parts. We produce only 100% carbon parts.


Our strategy is to work directly with high end manufacturing companies using carbon parts in their final products. Our focus is to become a market leader in the quality and price for our partners. We see customer’s manufacturing companies of final products as our close partners where we take responsibility for their final product success.